International Transfer News

While most other football news portals tend to run transfer rumours on regular basis, here at International Soccer Teams, we are completely dedicated to only bringing you the breaking transfer news from reliable sources. We will make sure to only publish transfer stories including deals that are almost certain to materialise, while our readers will also be informed of the latest transfers that have been confirmed by the clubs in question.

Our sports writers have an extensive experience working in the industry, meaning they have the ability to differentiate genuine stories from far-fetched rumours, so you can be certain that everything your read in our international transfer news section will be genuine and based on facts. This is one of the main reasons why this page of our website will be in full working order only during the summer and winter transfer windows, while we will make sure to notify you of any loan deals or loan spells turned into permanent moves outside said windows.

Therefore, if you are interested in learning the breaking transfer news from all over the globe, you should definitely visit our football transfer news page, especially since our writers will go the extra mile to not only inform you of the upcoming transfers, but also all other information, such as transfer fee, length of the contract and any clauses the deal might have.